Welcome to the Chen Lab at the
Genome Institute of Singapore

We are a group of researchers interested in developing and applying a new kind of 'in situ omics' technology for spatially resolved systems biology.

We use state of the art microscopy, fluidics, and Next-gen Sequencing, combined with cutting edge computational tools to analyze genomics, transcriptomics, and other information of single cells from and within complex tissues.

Such 'in situ omics' data can reveal molecularly defined cell types, gene networks, as well as cellular signaling events within their spatial context, all of which are critical for understanding tissue biology and disease mechanisms.

BANKSY: A Spatial Omics Algorithm that Unifies Cell Type Clustering and Tissue Domain Segmentation

By constructing a product space of cell and neighbourhood transcriptomes, representing cell state and microenvironment, BANKSY improves cell type clustering and domain segmentation on spatial omics data. Software

Highly Specific RNA Imaging with Split-FISH

By using a split-probe design to achieve enhanced specificity, Split-FISH reduces off-target background fluorescence, decreases false positives, and enables accurate profiling in uncleared tissues. Read more.


Former Members

Jazlynn Tan, 2022. University of Toronto

Jeeranan Boonruangkan, 2018-2022. Biofourmis

Jie Lin Jolene Goh, 2016-2022. Veranome Biosystems

Mike Jin-An Huang, 2018-2021. 1910 Genetics

Paul Cheng, 2018-2021. Veranome Biosystems

Kaviya Selva Raju, 2018-2020. Research associate at Applied Materials

Siyi Chen, 2018. Senior scientist at Maiden Therapeutics

Christabelle Goh, 2018. Scientist II at Applied Materials

Ziqing, Winston Zhao, 2018-2019. Assistant professor at National University of Singapore

Teck Por Lim, 2018-2019.

Mei Lun Chow, 2018. Project officer at Nanyang Technological University


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